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At EARPOSTKIT, our goal is to be your premier ear posting partner. We want to make sure your customers get the right support and education throughout the ear posting journey. We value our partnerships and we want to be there for you long term.

How it works

1. Provide your customers with support and guidance for the entire ear posting journey

2. Focus on finding great homes for your puppies and we will educate and help your customers

3. We'll promote you and add you as an official partner for those looking to find reputable breeders

Our Partners

Jackson's Kennel is a hobby breeder in Spencer, Indiana dedicated to raising quality breed standard Dobermans. They choose their dogs based on strict evaluations. They only breed quality dogs, with good genetics, ideal health, and even temperaments.

DW Doberman Farm focuses on breeding European Dobermans and they are located in Lexington, NC. They are committed to upholding the highest standards in breeding, health, and temperament. Their carefully selected European Dobermans serve as the foundation of their program, ensuring that each puppy embodies the true essence of the breed.

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