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    Doberman Pinscher - Pre-made Ear Posts (10 Pair) + Bridges

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    Earpostkit provides hand crafted  pre-made ear posts for Doberman Pinschers using the backer rod method. Each ear post is 7.5 inches long allowing you to cut the ear post length to match that of your dog's ear length as it grows. The width of the backer rod is 1/2 inch. 


    - 10 Pairs of Pre-made Ear Posts 

    - 10 Pre-made Backer Rod Bridges

    - Ear Posting Video Instructions

    - 1 on 1 dedicated support via email, phone or video

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    Doberman Pinscher - Pre-made Ear Posts (10 Pair) + Bridges


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    Each ear post is hand made and carefully crafted to fit your dog's ear.